A new dimension for multicopter waypoint programming

With the UAV Editor, multicopters with DJI, Yuneec, Mikrokopter and Pixhawk flight control systems can be quickly and easily programmed using waypoints. A variety of functions are accessible at any time and from anywhere in the world, independent of platform.

[icon style="icon-check-circle"/] Multifaceted: For flight control systems from DJI, Yuneec, Mikrokopter and Pixhawk
[icon style="icon-check-circle"/] Platform - independent ( Windows, Linux, iOS, Android)
[icon style="icon-check-circle"/] Intuitive use due to a clear layout design
[icon style="icon-check-circle"/] Based on the most modern programme structure - no installation required
[icon style="icon-check-circle"/] Save time thanks to a fine - tuned field algorithm: A field can simply be marked at its edge, allowing you to automatically generate waypoints and receive a suggested ideal flight path
[icon style="icon-check-circle"/]  Making processes more simple: Entry routing to waypoints, administration of data, import / export capabilities, statistics, and much more
[icon style="icon-check-circle"/] Flexibility: Various options are available such as order registration and coordination . Additional individual functions can easily be integrated