Flight Check

On this page you will find a flight check for the fawn rescue that we put together, which consists of a checklistflowchart, drone map and the DABS (Daily Airspace Bulletin Switzerland). You should keep the checklist in mind during all your flights. The flowchart, map, and DABS are aids to this checklist.



    • Prepare flight planning in UAV Editor and Litchi
    • Synchronize and review flight planning with your smartphone / tablet
    • Check local regulations, apply for permits (skyguide, tower, local authorities)
      [icon style="icon-arrow-circle-right"/] flowchart drone guidedrone map and the DABS
    • Arrange a meeting place and location with companion and prepare transport
    • Check weather forecast and KP index (electromagnetic interference)
    • Check material for completeness and function
    • Charge batteries: drone, remote control, smartphone/tablet, additional monitor

Before the flight

    • Check weather conditions, terrain and obstacles at the launch site and on the flight route
    • Short briefing with accompanying person and handing over the additional monitor
    • Remove gimbal fixation (DJI Mavic)
    • Start up the drone: 1. Turn on the remote control, 2. Turn on the drone, 3. Start App
    • Activate flight mode on smartphone/tablet
    • Check battery level: drone, remote control, smartphone/tablet
    • Check drone, remote control, smartphone/tablet for function (radio link quality, GPS signal strength)
    • Check return-to-home point

The flight

    • Keep line of sight
    • Keep an eye on surroundings and other air travelers
    • Check the battery level of the drone constantly: Communicate ahead of time to accompanying person and fly back with a safety margin

After the flight

    • Battery management: separate and/or charge empty batteries
    • Decommission the drone: 1. Close the app, 2. Turn off the drone, 3. Turn off the remote control
    • Attach gimbal fixation (DJI Mavic)
    • Safely store the drone, remote control, smartphone/tablet, additional monitor, batteries and the rest of the material.
    • Short briefing with companion and discuss directions for the next field
    • Document flight
    • Complete statistics in UAV Editor

Flowchart drone guide

Image: Flowchart drone guide (Source: BAZL)

Map restrictions for drones

Map: Drone restrictions (Source: BAZL)

DABS (Daily Airspace Bulletin Switzerland)

The DABS graphically displays hazards, restrictions and changes in Swiss airspace on a map.

To the DABS of today

Link to the DABS of today


To the DABS of tomorrow (from 4pm)

Link to the DABS of tomorrow (from 4pm)

Weather forecast / KP index

Weather forecast

Link: Weather forecast meteoblue

KP index

Chart: Current data KP index (Source: NOAA)

Legal bases



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